As a professional in luxury second-hand market, you are looking for items to buy or to consign before offering them to your clients. Why to be limited to your own network when you can access a bigger one with Velvet Closet?


Would you like to receive items to buy or to consign from our network ?

Would you like to sell with us and access our big network?

Once we agreed on a way of cooperation, we can start spreading your items into the network.


Cleaning out our wardrobe, posting online, calling, looking for a consignment store are just a short list of actions that you have to repeat in order to sell your beautiful items. So, why not to send it to Velvet Closet which will do the job for you?


The first step is to evaluate what you have in your closet.

After reviewing your item details, we will get back to you with an offer within 24 hours. We might need additional information or pictures. In this event, we will let you know. You are free to accept or refuse our offer without charge. For all transactions, a final checking will be carry to confirm the purchase once the item received.

Once the estimation completed we will decide together which part of the sale process we will be responsible for. You decide where we spread the word that you are selling an amazing piece. You will then receive either direct buying offers or consignment propositions from us.

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