22 Oct

Hermes Exotic Leather Stamps

Hermes bags manufactured from exotic leather have stamps that indicate the type of leather. Ostrich leather bags do not have special stamps.

crocodile alligator hermes stamp

Crocodile Alligator

crocodile niloticus hermes stamp

Crocodile Niloticus

Crocodile Porosus hermes stamp

Crocodile Porosus

Hermes lezard stamp


Hermes lezard stamp

Lizard Varanus Salvator

Hermes Ostrich

Ostrich (No special stamp)

Hermes use also snake skin with Python and seldom elephant skin.

Hermes Shooting star stamp

The shooting star stamp near the “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” stamp means that the piece was giving to a Hermes Employee as a reward for his work.

Hermes shooting star stamp mark

Hermes Horse Shoe stamp

If you are a well-established client of Hermes, you may have the chance to be invited to create your own piece. In this case, you will be able to customize your bag choosing the size, the materials or even the colors. Only few customer will get the possibility to do a so called “SO” (Special Order). The whole process to get such piece can take few years due to the availability of certain material. It happens that the original client will no longer be interested therefore the Special Order will be offered to someone else.

Hermes Horse shoe stamp

Hermes petit H stamp

Hermes petit H was born in 2010 thanks to Pascale Mussard who had the will to valorize unused materials and not marketed pieces by the prestigious house.

petit H Stamp velvet closet

Hermes blind stamp

Usually the hermes products have blind stamps. You can see the year of manufacture represented by a letter. More information about this stamp in this article. Along with the letter, you can find figures, other letters or signs such as a little star, a plus or an arch. The list is long but these signs represent the craftsman in Hermes who made the whole bag from start to end.

Hermes blind stamp

Hermes sale stamp

It’s quite rare but you can find sometimes a “S” stamp followed by figures near the “HERMES PARIS MADE IN FRANCE” stamp. It means that the item comes from the employee sale.


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